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Hof Bergmann Map v 1.0

Rating: 5/5, based on 60 votes
uploaded 2019-05-25 18:22:29, by John Der33

What awaits you on the map?
In the map much love was put and attention paid to small details, it is a German ajar map and is based on the Felsbrunn Map.
Although this is still partially recognizable but was still very much changed.
There are several detailed productions in a scale never reached.
A big thank you goes to Ifkonator who has enabled me the Scripttechnisch.
Consider that it concerns a 1. Map release who knows me knows that there are still much to expect in the following updates.
The map comes this time as an All In One Pack which means the pack has to be unzipped first.
Content of the pack:
- Farm Bergmann Map
- Hof Bergmann Map - BaleStorage Addon (Attention only works in SP)
- Various starting vehicles
Size of the pack: about 650 MB
Please consider this is a first release of the map, despite many hours of testing can always creep errors.
Please understand, even the main game is not error free.
For help with the map and support, the existing support theme uses the map.
Hot fixes for larger problems you receive in a timely manner.
Larger updates of the map take 1-2 months.
If the dust has settled, I will do a production overview during the week.
Thanks to my team for the great support!
You will be redirected to a page after clicking on the download button (ReLink-mySad).
There RIGHT UP down a clock down - is this zero is there "Skip advertising".
Please click on it and start the download now.



Hof Bergmann Map v 1.0, 1 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (13)

2019-05-25 20:40:50 BEAST
2019-05-25 22:47:21 DDSniper
yo this wasnt supposed to be Uploaded here
2019-05-26 05:07:16 João (Guest)
Spectacular map. I'm just having trouble opening some gates like the tractor shop.
2019-05-26 16:46:47 Mark (Guest)
But if you download it from the modders homepage downloading will take over 4 hours if you don't want to pay for a fast server. I got it from there site and speed will not go above 65-70kb per second :( took me whole morning to download it
2019-05-27 15:50:41 DDSniper
The gates at the tractor shop are only open when the shop is open and if you dont own other pieces of land with gates you cant open them
2019-05-27 15:53:55 DDSniper
The gates at the tractor shop are only open when the shop is open and if you dont own other pieces of land with gates you cant open them
2019-05-29 06:55:03 ilona (Guest)
Hallo Farmer_ Andy, Großartige Map! habe das Problem das sich beim Schaf und Ziegengehege keine Tiere kaufen lassen. auch beim Viehhändler nicht. Dort meldet er das das Gehege schon voll ist obwohl kein Tier gekauft ist
2019-05-30 18:16:12 aurélien (Guest)
Die beste Karte des Landwirtschafts-Simulators 19 und ich erwarte immer noch viel mehr auf dieser Karte, aber ich finde es schade, dass es demnächst an dem Lab für die Käse-Jespere mangelt
2019-06-15 17:23:58 brandweerman632
Mooie map! Nice map! Where can I buy fertilizer?
2019-06-24 20:28:39 Farmer (Guest)
Hof Bergmann Map in Version, this version is Patch 1.4 Ready fixes: - Giants bug fixed, helper could not sprinkle compost (you have to buy fertilizer to buy) (Thanks to Ifkonator) - reduced straw yield, was set too high - Different names added in weaving adapted. - Milk Churns Fixed cow pastures, should now spawn properly - Added missing l10n translation for some shopping silos - Traffic split fixed shortly before cattle trade New features / changes: - Map now uses own XMLs for localization (simplifies translation) Already included languages: German, English, French and Polish - Potato and wood chips bags slightly improved in handling - Customize GUI text for vehicles reset. Alt: "The vehicle / device has been reset to dealer!" New: "The vehicle / device has been reset to the yard!" (Thanks to Ifkonator) - Greenhouses now also accept compost - at Raiffeisen and cattle dealers, purchase of feed and grain removed (this led to price mischief on sale) - Selling price for compost slightly increased DOWNLOAD
2019-07-14 06:32:31 mac1973
how do i repair the straw blower at the straw storage it is at 9%
2019-08-01 00:29:03 Bigmack73 (Guest)
Where do I get the mixers? After watching the video it shows them on the map. Not finding them anywhere in the store.
2019-08-14 02:51:44 toni9
plss update the map install the sesons very nice map!!!! install te water fil system for animals!!! plsssss farmer andy plss update the map.

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