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Agco Ideal combine harvester v 1.0.1

Rating: 1/5, based on 29 votes
uploaded 2020-01-27 17:17:07, by BigRichMods

BigRich Mods presents Agco Ideal V1.0.1 comes complete with all default options, headers, and header trailer. Power: 538, Speed: 40 mph, Capacity: 100,000. This is an edited Mod by Me. this Mod is NOT Realistic by no means. if you dont like it, delete it or dont download it at all..your option. Contents Of Edit: i edited the price of the Combine Harvester to $100,000 as a gift for downloading this Mod..Ty. i edited the capacity to 100,000, i edited the speed of both headers to work @ 20 mph, i edited the empty speed so it wouldnt take long to unload  that 100,000. tho i increased the capcity volume, this Combine does not and will not fall on its face do to the weight of 100,000 like others do. i suggest you have a Tipper handy that can handle 100,000 * i do have an edited Tipper specificaly for this Combine Harvester. depending on this Mods sucsess i will release my Tipper. This combine was edited to complete contract work faster and efficient. this Mod will work great for Contract work, Single Player Farmers, multiplayer, Big fields to medium fields, great for 4x - 6x maps. i personally use this Agco Ideal for contract work, while i have a Helper do my farming on my farm, Yes - indeed this Combine is very Helper smart and Friendly, they come to me to learn how to act and work properly so you will love this Mod. i suggest you cut the headlands, before turning the helper loose with your NEW $100,000 Combine (gotta love that price-its almost free) @ only 23mb file enjoy this beauty and do travel down your roads with the included header trailer. *NOTE with a 100,000 capacity, go help your neighbor get his fields in of same fruit, PUT THIS MOD TO WORK..she's happy @ doing her job, this Monster Fruit Gobbler will have you home, rested, feet up before the sun sets. Enjoy..and thank you for considering BigRich Mods.


Agco Ideal combine harvester v 1.0.1, 1 photoAgco Ideal combine harvester v 1.0.1, 2 photoAgco Ideal combine harvester v 1.0.1, 3 photoAgco Ideal combine harvester v 1.0.1, 4 photo

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uploaded by BigRichMods
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Comments (5)

2020-01-28 02:17:01 BigRichMods
as a Gamer / Editor over the years since my introduction to Farming Simulator series FS15 got me started. I have enjoyed others mods and edits. but I have also had more junk mods in my folder as well. that inspired me, to do my own editing in FS17..i have hundreds of edits from FS17 I never released, I kept them private. DjGoHam Gaming, inspired me to release this Agco Ideal edit of mine. a few testers whom I trust put this Mod through its p****es and everyone said: Rich - put this Mod out there. so i finally did last night. as Basic as this edit is, the 4 things i edited made ALL the difference. i'm positive that the Pro Moders/ editors will look at this Mods XML and see the changes i made, and i hope..what i edited inspires others as well. how many times have you downloaded a mod and it be grossly over modded or Edited. this edit perfect, for what its considered for. you put this Combine to work in your contract work, and you will be happy you did so. i have never filled mine up to 100,000..i got close a couple times, and this Combine will operate and function like she doesn't have an ounce of grain in her. i smile with glee, that the 4 edits i made, were the right edits. Thank You for considering BigRich Mods *i have more mods on the way so stay tuned for them* of all the Abilities a man could have.."availability and reliability are the best abilities" enjoy.
2020-03-07 02:04:54 @BigRichMods (Guest)
You are spare parts bud. IKONIK did it better the first time before you stole it and they did better the second time after you posted this thievery. Shove that XML file up your ass, you thief!
2020-03-16 18:08:49 BigRichMods
@ (Guest) I don't care how you turd swallowers feel about ME. are a Hater and you or I cant change that.. I found a new site, where my Family, Friends, and Fans can and do download my mod edits, and enjoy them. all your doing is showing your Narcissistic girly side of your personality. I do what i want and when i want. i've already EDITED 199 mods that all are current mods. i basically own everything you Modders put out as of late. i download 20 a day and edit about 10 a day. i dont care ok.if you don't want your mod in my hands? then keep the mother f*cker Private. current edits i am working on: Kenworth K100 v 1.1, Tipper Pack v3.0, TREX Shuttle Bulk v1.0, Baler Set v2.0, and the CAMARA AD9. I AM DONE WITH THE CONVERSATION OF EDITING MODS. YOU CANT CONTROL OR STOP ME FROM DOING WHAT I AM DOING..AND THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE CAUSE BIGRICH SAID SO..Keep putting mods out and i'll keep editing them, and handing them out to my friends.. YOU SOBS are the thieves and low lifes of this site LONG BEFORE i ever said a word, or done a damn thing. Kick Stones B*tch Boy....i sat for 2 years watching this all un fold...your p*ssed, because someone now doing all the f*cking and a better job at it. SO HATE that means i am effectively doing what i set out to do- level the playing field. i don't give a mother f*ck about you or your feelings Narcissistic B*tch Boy..Have a Nicer Day, and A Better LIFE - Ha Ha.
2020-03-16 18:51:07 ToShrimpDickModding (Guest)
NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU! No one in this community, and based on how you act, I doubt your own family, or your invisible non-existent friends give a flying **** either.....
2020-03-17 20:13:12 BigRichMods
Who Cares. i don't need this site for nothing.

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