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BigRich Mods Agco Ideal combine harvester

Rating: 3/5, based on 8 votes
uploaded 2020-01-27 17:17:12, by S0HN0H

BigRich Mods Agco Ideal Combine Harvester $100,000 default power, and options. complete with Header Cutters:  PowerFlow header, DynaFlex 9255, Header Trailer. this edit is NOT Realistic. i have edited the Capacity to hold 100,000 and changed the Header Cutter speed. tho this Combine Harvester holds upto 100,000 the extra weight does Not effect functions, or speed. this Combine Harvester will cut fields @ 20 mph. i also have increased the empty speed, so your not spending a lot of time waiting for 100,000 to empty. with the lowered price, affordable for the newbie or single player farmer. this edit is intended for Contract work, to help the single player complete contract work faster. i do use this combine regularly on my farms. the cheap $100,000 price is my gift for downloading. if you dont like this Mod, delete it and move on. this Agco Ideal combine harvester is current with latest update of FS19. works and functions perfect. Thank You for considering BigRich Mods. *more mods have been edited and will be up on sites soon* my mission with my edits: To help the newbie/ single player farm more efficient, with less overhead cost. No i will not be updating this mod..this mod is complete as is. Enjoy. find some work for this Combine Harvester and you will be pleased, be for warned if you fill this to capacity you will need a Tipper with same capacity or higher. again Thank You for considering BigRich Mods. enjoy

Giants - Agco Ideal - BigRich Mods

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uploaded by S0HN0H
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Comments (1)

2020-01-29 05:05:20 BigRichMods
This Mod I didn't make - which all those who have ran there mouth off to me stated. However, the few changes I made to the XML file WERE THE RIGHT EDITS THO. you dunce **** modders / editors had ALL THIS TIME, to get this mod right..but no, you would rather release bull sh*t mods that nobody wants or needs, because you have to keep that mod count up - beings you don't play FS19.. which is another point, had you dipsh*t modders/editors played your game, you would KNOW FOR FACT the gamer farmers needs..but you don't..all you do is edit and steal each others gay **** mods. Funny, how me being a newbie as one said, and another said: yea them few edit changes you made anyone can do..funny- HOW COME THIS MOD SAT FOR A YEAR, HOWS COME IF WHAT I DID WAS INFACT SO EASY..THEN WHY HAVENT ANY OF YOU ALREADY MADE THEM CHANGES PRIOR TO JANUARY 27 2020? lmao. what ever go kick stones ya DUNCE

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