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Iconik Header Pack

Rating: 4/5, based on 6 votes
uploaded 2019-03-13 12:13:24, by Iconik

Description: 3 Modified Headers and 4 Modified Capello Headers

Capello Headers 3M and 12M Have the Same decal template so you can check the 3M to get a idea on the decals before buying the 12M!
The 6M and 9M share a different decal set, so save BEFORE you buy until you figure out the colors as they are folded up and decals are not seen!

Brand Decals
Double Speed
Reduced Price

See Pics for Details

Credits: Iconik


Iconik Header Pack, 1 photoIconik Header Pack, 2 photo

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uploaded by Iconik
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Comments (4)

2019-03-13 18:59:48 Mike (Guest)
2019-03-14 00:10:46 Iconik
@Mike the 2 Large headers have Claas and Claas US style decals. As for the Capellos theres Red and White options to Match either version...
2019-03-19 21:41:58 dctoe
I don't know who you are Iconik; but I am coming to ๐Ÿ’— your work! Keep it up! Thanks for sharing! (And maybe get a paypal like stevie so people can show their love) ๐Ÿ˜
2019-03-26 04:12:25 Iconik
@dctoe Im relatively new to this but Im starting to get the hang of a few things, You can find my page on facebook as Im just getting it set up. (Iconik Upgrades)

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