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Script GPS mod v.14.05.19

Category:  Farming Simulator 2019 Mods » Developer Tools
Uploaded by:  uploaded by ARAB
Date:  2019-05-14 16:03:09
Downloads:  1722 downloads
Size:  File Size: 99.41 KB
Comments:  8 comments
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3/5, 8 votes

Before you can use GPS, you must buy a configuration in the store!
Open the menu
To open the menu, press ctrl + S.
Customize your AB line
Go to the place where you want to customize your strings.
Press alt + E to reset AB creation.
Press alt + E to set point A.
Drive forward or back 15 meters. (Attention if you do not know how to align the field exactly, see image number 2)
Press alt + E again to create a track. (Appear 2 lines color orange)
Auto Width
Press alt + R to calculate the width of your car.
Tip: expand and lower the car to get the best results!
Width increase / decrease
Press alt + plus and minus to change the width
Please note that this only works after creating the track!
Field angle
If you are unable to create straight lines on your own, you can enable corner capture in the menu. This will align the AB lines with the ground.
Direction switching
After creating the track, press alt + X, the color will appear green to turn on the auto-steer direction. (Attention when you turn on the sound is added)

Currently, it automatically stops when the speed controller is turned on. This function and field final survey is still in progress.



Script GPS mod v.14.05.19, 1 photo

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uploaded by ARAB
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Comments (8)

2019-05-14 19:41:30 ¥ Mod Critic ¥ (Guest)
get it from the source
2019-05-14 19:42:50 ¥ Mod Critic ¥ (Guest)
2019-05-15 08:34:29 Bakern
What about some respect to owner of this mod. Get it from the source:
2019-05-15 21:54:34 Tony Gaddis (Guest)
Scum Alert! Anyone looking for this mod, USE THE SOURCE!: Support the actual creators, don't leach of them!
2019-05-18 00:23:11 daniel (Guest)
better the gps mod from the farming simulator 2017 fix that for 2019
2019-09-26 17:44:56 me (Guest)
I swapped guidance steering mod (the one on in game mod hub)and the Agrisem trike tractors lost the ability to gps (it worked on prior gps mod)still shop sells it but doesn't work which freaking sucks think I look for a later/better gps version its just crap but the thing is its still version which I updated it today or thought so suppose to be higher version still I will try again
2019-09-28 11:58:33 LS09God
Voted thumbs down. This is not what Stijn wanted. Please remove this upload. It's against the author's rules. Stijn made it perfectly clear that uploading on other sites then Github or Giants Modhub is forbidden. is violating the author's rules by allowing this upload.
2020-01-25 09:43:32 ROMANICH88
Лучше создайте кто нибудь компас

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