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AGCO IDEAL9 Forage Harvester + Cutter v1.0

Rating: 4/5, based on 9 votes
uploaded 2020-02-24 09:45:03, by JCB

This pack consists one Forage harvester and Forage harvester cutter.

-IDEAL Forage ( Forage Harvester )
Price: 265.000€
Power: 947
Speed: 140 KM/H
Capacity:1 Million
Category: Forage Harvesters

-Multifruit DynaFlex 9255 Forage ( ForageHarvester Cutter )
Price: 35.000€
Working Width: 12m
Working Speed: 30 KM/H
Category: ForageHarvester Cutters
It can Harvest:

  • GRASS (convert to GRASS_WINDROW)

  • WHEAT (convert to CHAFF)

  • BARLEY (convert to CHAFF)

  • OAT (convert to CHAFF)

  • CANOLA (convert to CHAFF)

  • SOYBEAN (convert to CHAFF)

  • POPLAR (convert to Woodchips)

  • MAIZE (convert to CHAFF)

  • GRASS (convert to CHAFF)


Credits: JCB Modding

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uploaded by JCB
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Comments (6)

2020-02-24 20:25:21 Eagle355th
2020-02-25 15:20:12 JCB
Eagle355th, Thanks
2020-02-25 15:24:35 JCB
Ok BigRichMods which site I want to upload mods
2020-02-25 19:26:18 BigRichMods
i cant advise you as to where, you should upload your mods to. all i said was, i disagree with sharemod site. as with many others here who DO NOT like that site for downloads. and there is Legit reason why. that site is full of Virus's, trojans and a few STD's. NO ONE should have to go through a mouse trap in order to download a "Mod." i mean that's if you Really care about the Mod and your customers.. who download your products. your AGCO Ideal T9 combine harvester mod works fine and is a decent mod. i downloaded it- tho i have my own edited version. i do show support for modders i like, and will download they're mods..even when i already have an edited version of my own. i just hate sharemod site is all. i apologize for my Bluntness..i forget i need to filter my talk on cyber.
2020-02-25 20:34:04 piet (Guest)
When its half full its going deeper in the ground and doesnt have speed. And on the road when its half full it drives 35 km max... Around the edges from the land it stops mowing?
2020-02-26 00:41:35 BigRichMods
i seen that problem viewing the XML file. its not my Edit, so i never said anything - live and let learn. if, you were to download my AGCO Ideal T9 edit, you'll notice i included the command e.g. updatemass="false" because its one thing to over edit mods, but its another thing to not consider others areas of that mod will be effected by the values you change, or dont. my Harvester has 100,000 liter capacity However it doesn't fall on its face as it loaded or at full capacity, in fact- my AGCO will drive around with a full load AS IF IT WERE EMPTY - hello. like i've stated many times before. those who edit mods..aren't really doing ANYTHING to better that mod just by raising values. sorry bout your experience. when you see a BigRichMod - download it, compare'll notice a difference in my mods and editing skill VS anyone else. for the fact i edit Per a farmer's needs..and not to gain profit or a mod count.

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