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Claas Liner 4000 v 1.1

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uploaded 2019-10-10 18:33:24, by John Der33

This is the [FBM Team] Claas Liner 4000 DynamicHoses
converted from LS17 to LS19.
Particle Effecte gefixt
Working width: 12.5m
Power requirement: 90 hp
Working speed: 20 km / h
Cost of purchase: 95,000 €
Leasing costs: 1,900 € / 950 € day
- Dynamics Hoses
- Rotating beacon installed
- 4x rim colors to choose
Big thanks to the [FBM team] for installing DH
and the release for publication.

Modell: GIANTS Software GmbH
Textur : LS13 : Skin von Pöttinger zu Claas und andere Kleinigkeiten: Ifko[nator]
LS15 : FraBel LS-Modding
FS17 : FraBel Modding, Der Tester FBM
Konzept: FS19 : Imperon
Tester: FS19 : Imperon
CREDITS: FS19 : Imperon / FBM-Team

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uploaded by John Der33
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