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Elho V-Twin 600

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uploaded 2019-09-07 20:55:00, by Guest

The ELHO V-Twin 600 is cost-effective!
The whole capacity of a harvester must be used when harvesting.
The ELHO V-TWIN 600 front-mounted swather helps to achieve this!

The V-Twin 600 swather is built to swath all sorts of forage and straw cleanly, gently and efficiently.
The V-Twin 600 leaves the forage to dry until the harvesting time.
Swathing and harvesting simultaneously saves time, saves fuel and reduces driving in the field.
The harvester/baler is more efficient when swaths have more forage.
An ELHO V-Twin 600 in the front and a baler, baler-wrapper combo or pickup wagon at the back of the tractor is a very efficient way to work.

Price: 6300€
Max. working speed: 18 kph
Working Width: 6m
Required power: 80 hp

Swedish Bonna Team


Elho V-Twin 600, 1 photoElho V-Twin 600, 2 photoElho V-Twin 600, 3 photo

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2020-01-15 15:07:25 piepo de clown (Guest)
nice men

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