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GPS mod v 1.1

Rating: 4/5, based on 10 votes
uploaded 2019-02-06 17:27:06, by John Der33

Latest BETA release
How the basics works

Be aware that this version doesn´t support the full feature package yet!
Buying GPS

Before you’re able to use GPS you have to buy the configuration in the shop!
Open the menu

In order to open the menu hit ctrl + s.
Setup your AB line

Drive to the location you want to setup your lines.
Hit alt + e once in order to reset the AB creation.

Hit alt + e once more in order to set point A.

Hit alt + e once more in order to set point B.

Hit alt + e again and it will create the track.
Auto width

Hit alt + r in order to calculate the width of your vehicle.
Tip: unfold and lower the vehicle in order to get the best results!
Increase/descrease width

Hit alt + plus and minus in order to change the width
Please note that this only works after the track creation!
Terrain angle snapping

If you’re not able to create straight lines yourself you can enable angle snapping in the menu. This will align the AB lines with the terrain.
Toggle guidance steering

Once a track is created hit alt + x to toggle the steering.
Headland control

Currently it auto stops at the headland when cruise control is enabled. This feature and headland turning is still being worked on.

This version swork in MP,

Copyright (c) 2019 Stijn Wopereis All rights reserved.
Special thanks to workflowsen for creating the icon!


GPS mod v 1.1, 1 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (8)

2019-02-06 18:20:49 Bigmack73 (Guest)
Wopster made this mod. The screenshot is from a youtuber Mistermoose Gaming. Why were they not given the credit for their work?
2019-02-06 18:31:58 DerekWiedenheft
For some reason I can't get it to show up in my mods folder.
2019-02-06 18:45:30 Adrian (Guest)
Thanks m8 great job, been waiting for this for a long time.....THANKS
2019-02-06 21:19:01 daniel (Guest)
better fs17 gps mod this is not working
2019-02-06 21:29:57 Mike (Guest)
FS 17 GPS besser als der Müll
2019-02-07 00:07:42 Jake (Guest)
proper site :
2019-02-07 16:35:03 Nat (Guest)
Tried unpacking zip and everything but the mod does not show up in my game.... help?
2019-03-12 04:54:27 Puss (Guest)
I tried downloading this mod for ages and as a last ditch effort updated my game to the latest beta and the mod worked. I hope this helps!!

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