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Great Plaains 3S-3000 HD v 1.0

Rating: 5/5, based on 1 vote
uploaded 2019-10-23 03:09:35, by John Der33

This is a converted FS17 Great Plains 3S3000 HD mod.
In FS19 there is:
- Direct seeding function.
- Working markers
- Fertilizing function
- Working speed is set to 20 km/h
- 2000 liters bunker for seeds
- 2000 liters bunker for fertilizer
- Seeder is washable
Important notice: The working behaviour of the mod was improved, compared to FS17, and now the hired worker do not stop just before the end of the field and to leave some areas empty. Still when starting the hired worker you need to move the seeder very cloose to the edge of the field, otherwise the worker will just stay in place and do nothing. Except this small issue the mod is working perfectly!



Great Plaains 3S-3000 HD v 1.0, 1 photoGreat Plaains 3S-3000 HD v 1.0, 2 photoGreat Plaains 3S-3000 HD v 1.0, 3 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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