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LIZZARD 32 Disc Cultivator

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uploaded 2020-02-06 15:22:43, by BigRichMods

LIZZARD 32 Disc Harrow Cultivator. $10,000 Req HP 70-150, Work Width 4.0M, Work Speed 15Mph, default colors and options, increased work speed and work depth, increased work partical and dust. i did not make this Mod, i only made it better with my edit. specially edited for the single player, small farm & small fields player. intended to maximize profit doing contract work. i hire AI helper to do my contract work, and provide my helpers with Quality tools, even if i have to edit them. Thank You for choosing BigRichMods. *Edits that reflect the farmers needs.

GIANTS, BlackBull Modding, BigRichMods & Edits


LIZZARD 32 Disc Cultivator , 1 photoLIZZARD 32 Disc Cultivator , 2 photoLIZZARD 32 Disc Cultivator , 3 photoLIZZARD 32 Disc Cultivator , 4 photo

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uploaded by BigRichMods
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Comments (1)

2020-02-14 19:39:17 BigRichMods
if i caused a ripple in a big pond, and now- decent mods THAT WORK are being published..then i've done my JOB, and what i set out to do. NO MORE days of bogus NON-Working Mods or Edits while modders get paid for that download. I promise - if you put out non-working mods to get paid?..i will edit that mod, make that mod my own, and will re upload it. don't like that? - simply publish decent mods. and i'll stay away from your mods.

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