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Best Village v 4.1 Final

Rating: 5/5, based on 6 votes
uploaded 2019-05-10 18:34:47, by John Der33

Best Village v4.1:
- water point added (Trigger)
- 1x farmland added
- new PDA
- decorations added
- fixed map
- 14 Fields
- Farmlands
- Forest
- Farm placeable
- AI Car
ZIP = 115MB!
100% MP Ready


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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (2)

2019-05-23 13:24:52 S0HN0H
No matter how many final versions is released, this is second to Lone Oak FS17 as my all time fav map. in fact..i don't download maps no more..i play this one, with very few mods..and absolute have a good time doing so.
2019-05-23 14:30:40 S0HN0H
I don't know..if this map creator is being a smart ass..placing this ridiculous BGA plant on this hill..with his Steep incline road up to it..i got some beechnut to spit in this pricks face..However..ways to get around this BGA Wildbach BGA Gas 32KW mod..and place that somewhere on the main farm area..and small round bale bunker mod and place that also on the main farm. 4.1 version and this asshole still hasn't fixed it? he meant to do this. I got some beechnut for your mothers eyes..for ever giving birth to you - Prick.

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