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Canadian Farm V3 Season

Rating: 3/5, based on 6 votes
uploaded 2019-08-26 12:00:48, by renebqc

Description: Canadian Farm V3 Season

I decided that the time to update this one had come, It is a new version so you have to start a new game.
I have reviewed and played the map for a while and it is finally done and ready for you to give it a try.
So far this map has had a good download ratio. So I took a few days to improve it and make it even more challenging.
This is a 4x multifruits with animals in pens, one fields and all the equipements to get the gob started.

I hope you enjoy, thank you.

Credits: renebqc

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uploaded by renebqc
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Comments (7)

2019-08-26 18:18:33 papa (Guest)
Great looking map. But the download time is way to long from your upload site. 2.3 hours is kind of a long time. Its just like dial up. wouldn't you say.
2019-08-27 01:40:39 dmac (Guest)
agreed...way too long for your work renebqc...just not the days it takes
2019-08-27 12:04:01 joergi67
Unfortunately, no lime texture is shown when deploying and the info still shows lime demand on the field.
2019-08-27 17:17:18 annihlinkin
papa the download time has got to be ur internet speed is crap, ive just downloaded it in 5 minutes
2019-08-27 19:55:35 guest (Guest)
2min for me.
2019-08-28 03:35:43 wheelchairman36
7mins here
2019-08-28 13:34:16 Team Farmer (Guest)
4 mins for me. Awesome job Renebqc

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