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Deutsche Heimat Map v 1.5.3

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uploaded 2020-03-12 01:49:26, by John Der33

Here you can see our new map project. The map LS19 Deutsche Heimat V1.5.3
This card is constantly being developed.
It is a large map with 16.7 square kilometers as usual, it offers 228 arable areas where grassland is already included through the field missions, plus several forest areas, biogas plants and 9 flat farm plates (a total of 255 buyable areas)
The map is also prepared for seasons.
Among other things, it also contains the fruits: millet, poppy seeds, spelled and rye.
There is not yet a starting yard for the single player, but it will come.
As usual from us a great map for large-scale multiplayer games.
You can buy seeds, fertilizer and lime at most sales outlets under the green silos.
No productions are built in because in our opinion it makes no sense, if you would like this you can install the GC and place the branches yourself (there is enough space).
We are always available for suggestions for improvement.
For stupid comments NOT.
Sincerely, 0815Mods & Gaming.
1). Entrances to sales outlets widened.
2). Barn sales trigger increased.
3). Disturbing trees removed.
4). Nerdy collision away from the sidewalks.
5). New gas station trigger added.
6). New PDA map.
7). New fruits:, onions, hops, white cabbage, red cabbage, carrots, triticale.
8th). Sales trigger set at the agricultural machinery dealer.
9). Prices of BGAs and forest areas adjusted.
10). Sales prices at the biogas plants adjusted.
Follows in the final: traffic or pedestrian cars, more decoration!

Flo0815, Sven_741954, Farmer Fabi. Many thanks also to Jasmine and Timo who put our map through its paces.


Deutsche Heimat Map v 1.5.3, 1 photoDeutsche Heimat Map v 1.5.3, 2 photoDeutsche Heimat Map v 1.5.3, 3 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (5)

2020-03-12 06:28:21 me (Guest)
too many fields
2020-03-12 15:54:00 Mike (Guest)
Niemals haben wir solche felder XD
2020-03-13 01:28:07 ModManiac (Guest)
you might not have this many fields around but some people some where else might . stop whining dont download if all you are going to do is complain and move on to a map you like . many people like playing these types of maps.
2020-03-13 16:54:02 Yazu (Guest)
Gentlemen, respect for you. Very good map. I think a starter farm is unnecessary. The farm simulator offers a great opportunity to build it yourself. The map is very nice, great level difference, everyone will find something for themselves. Large and small fields, both flat and mountainous terrain. Just add a spline for vehicles and pedestrians to make the map come alive, and rich transport missions on multiple pallets. The seasons are also well made, snow on spruces and the lack of leaves on the bushes gives a wonderful climate. A map so large that everyone will find an angle to build their own farm. Please don't screw this up. And one more thing, please add clover and alfalfa and add it in animal nutrition.
2020-03-14 17:49:19 Faragir
Schöne, große Map, die viel bietet. Allerdings kann man leider keine großen bzw. breiten Maschinen bzw. Anhänger kaufen, weil man mit diesen 1. nicht beim Shop raus kommt, da die ausfahrt zu schmall ist 2. wenn man Kippanhänger hat, nicht bei den jeweiligen Ausladepunkten ausladen kann, da die Abladeorte sehr niedrig bzw allesamt überdacht sind und man somit hängen bleiben würde (möglichkeit besteht allerdings bei normalen feldsachen, einen anhänger mit Schubboden bzw. Laufband zu nehmen, allerdings wird es bei Grasballen schwieriger). Eventuell kann man das noch bearbeiten, das würde auf jeden fall die Map spielbarer machen :D

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