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uploaded 2020-05-27 23:21:36, by kyhk

This is Farmersburg, Iowa. It is based upon an area just north of Farmersburg, only 15 minutes away from Elkader, Iowa. I originally built the map in 1 week, then came back to it and made several additions. In real life, this area has way less trees, so I took some artistic liberty and added more scenery. 95% of the trees should be cuttable however!

1. There are two beef farms. They are designed to work with seasons, you will NOT be able to access the milk trigger if you buy dairy cattle at these farms (the two all white farms).
2. There is ONE dairy barn with a milk trigger, this is at the red farm to the east.
3. I included augurs and some trigger pics to help you out but most triggers should be pretty self-evident. Most grain bins on the map have static augurs.
4. I am including multiple links to the same map to manage the volume of downloads.
5. Map came out to 600MB. There are 0 errors in the log. There are a couple performance warnings, however they should not affect gameplay at all.
6. Let me know if I've missed anything! Most importantly: ENJOY!

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uploaded by kyhk
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