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FS 19 CloverCreek multifruit v

Rating: 5/5, based on 53 votes
uploaded 2019-03-02 02:31:42, by Yaz

Description: At the request of many people, Clover Creek with farms to buy and added four new crops, tobacco, hops, carrots, onions.
With the new GE version 8.1, the file was reduced to approx 750Mb. The package contains placeable silos from the map, and the vehicles needed to harvest new crops.
Unfortunately, some buildings have been removed, while the remaining shelters and warehouses with animated doors.At the moment there are a lot of mods with buildings, pastures, fences and so on.
The tested and playable map works as it should. There are, however, a few bugs in the log that I can't fix.
I wish you all a lot of fun on the Clover Creek multifruit map.


FS 19 CloverCreek multifruit v, 1 photoFS 19 CloverCreek multifruit v, 2 photo

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uploaded by Yaz
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Comments (4)

2019-03-02 09:31:12 Frozenhosehead49
Hello and thanks for the upload! After playing several minutes basically trying to buy a vehicle, I found there are several bug issues choosing color and other options. Every time you hit the A button it exits out and you can't even scroll over the option with your pointer and select it or use the joystick to change it and also if you just purchase it as is it says the shop is full and you have to remove vehicles but there are none to move if you switch over to other vehicles. Hope this helps make it better!
2019-03-02 15:23:24 BEAST
2019-03-02 23:47:40 Frozenhosehead49
I figured it's on of the mods I downloaded causing the conflict so now I have to add each one individually to narrow it down that is causing the option and shop being full issue.
2019-04-04 19:42:33 John (Guest)
There is a pallet of boards East of the center of field 40, have to plow and seed without helpers in that area, so far rest of that farm seems to work fine

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