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Rating: 4/5, based on 8 votes
uploaded 2018-12-06 10:51:55, by Cruise

So i thought i'd give a go at a second map.
It's a regular size map with decent size fields.
I played about 20hrs on it with no errors



HONEY DEW FARMS v 1.0, 1 photo

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uploaded by Cruise
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Comments (15)

2018-12-06 14:36:27 SiMR
your Description "So i thought i'd give a go at a second map" are you just a plain idiot - you modders and your "product" are a joke- not to be taken seriously. here is a FREE lesson in business..Produce A PRODUCT that someone Needs and Wants..Needs and Wants get peoples attention, functionality and availability, makes people tell they're friends, word of mouth travels the fastest. you make a decent product and you don't need promotion - People will find it. with out no PDA photo or map photo no accurate description - HOW IN THE FUK are we supposed to know what this crap is???? no one will down load it..(not anyone who's important at least) Ohh well if you really care..probably a stolen map. I was the #2 dislike btw...yawwwwn
2018-12-06 15:37:11 battlecommander
this guy is like john der33 just reuploads other peoples work
2018-12-06 17:04:57 BOZO (Guest)
Shut your mouth and move on SiMR. I have not seen any maps made by you anywhere. I play first Tinman map (Paradise Farm) and is very OK map for first 2 weeks when GIANT release FS19, it's not perfect but it's ok. Nothing is perfect. Someone lost time to do it. Please respect. And do not try with nonsense someone did the original and somebody else rework. So far I saw only converted maps from FS19 standard map. For moment tis the first to post a different map and I respect this. BRAVOS TINAMAN. And Please write here an link with original map for my for my curiosity but it doesn't matter anyway for me.
2018-12-06 18:17:36 OldMan (Guest)
I just looked at this map. Tinman continues to make such a great start to a redesigned map. Gives players more room for their farmyard and more space in the fields at the top and bottom so that even large machines can turn well. So you are on the right track. I will keep watching.
2018-12-07 16:44:20 john2813
What do want Simr a thousand photos of the map ? ,, just download it and look to see what is like , if it does not suit you delete it and move on . No reason to trash people ,, grow up
2018-12-07 17:59:35 jgerthe
Like the map. small issue wheat sell trigger not working at central grain elevator. REAL pathetic how people come on here trashing map modders. IT is harder than you think. I used to be a programmer and went to make a map from scratch. To me it was more time consumed than it was worth and quit after 10hrs in with nothing playable. Hats off to map modders. If I had a better paying job I would be finding out how to give them tips for their work.
2018-12-07 18:45:45 jgerthe
SiMR …. you are the joke. Free lesson for you … A business product is something you get paid for. Modders on farming simulator do not get paid a penny except sometimes donations. You talk big but talk is cheap. You trash modders but you don't have anything to show that you have done a thing to improve the modding community Status: Member Nick: SiMR Registered: 2018-06-14 03:35:53 Last Visit: today, 08:37 Uploaded Mods: 0 Uploaded Mods Have 0 Downloads The map I was trying to do was very well done in fs17 Mercury farms by Cruise. There used to be a real good map modder in fs15 who quit because of fools like you ripping their maps after they put in 50+ hours on the map with no errors only to have fools like you rip on it without appreciating the time and effort. Please keep up the good work Cruise. Fs17 you had some of the best maps. Plain and simple was another well done map.
2018-12-07 20:37:39 jgerthe
correction …. the central grain elevator tip worked with a rear tip. I couldn't get the tip point with the belly dump semi trailer unless the semi mod I was using was causing mod conflict.
2018-12-07 23:50:07 peter (Guest)
All fair comments but all the same, Tinman needs to slow down a little and spend some more time on his maps, I like them both and play them both, but it would be nice if he finishes them some more, as always I am always thankful to all modders for there great work.
2018-12-08 14:02:48 SiMR
product meaning - This Map. and your right, i have zero mods invested. i say what i do, because i am critical of others Work. that's my god given right, to be objective. ive been held to the highest degree, 200yr Jim Beam family historical landmark was struck by lighting and burned pretty bad, our company got the rebuild..the water, used to put the fire out..caused the foundation to give away and she sank 4 inches out of plumb. we had to solve problems before we ever bot to build. lifted the house 6 inch's and poured the foundation- the whole town was there to see that. once i had a solid foundation, came the demo phase..which is at a snails pace..beings this home is a historical landmark - different building codes and higher standards of meterials used..My point is: i remodeled homes and help put lives back together with a degree of professionalism, and craftsman ship...why cant i expect the same degree from my fellow Anything my fellow man produces? even if - its only a Mod. get your shit together just a gamer, with a high confidence level.
2018-12-08 14:02:52 Pilot (Guest)
Hey Tinman! Your work is getting really good keep up at whatever pace you want to! I really like this map no issues for me! Keep up the GREAT JOB! I cant complain if this is your 2nd map!
2019-04-03 21:36:57 SiMR
@jgerthe in proved my threw me under the bus..such as I am about to do to YOU. enjoy. Status: Member Nick: jgerthe Registered: 2016-04-23 03:09:12 Last Visit: 2019-03-30 20:47:50 Uploaded Mods: 0 Uploaded Mods Have 0 Downloads. you Hypocrit..that's explains why you run your mouth about me
2019-06-16 03:16:38 8===D (Guest)
SiMR .... you're a dick bro
2019-06-16 03:44:27 S0HN0H
8===D - why would you even say anything to this guy some 2 months later..if you weren't looking to troll - and to start trouble. I bet a dollar you don't say anything to his face..for as long as you LIVE.
2019-06-16 03:59:21 @ lil boo boo sohnoh (Guest)
lil boo boo sohnoh likes to run his mouth. like his runny vag. you always gotta be such a little bitch. shut up and sit down. you act like your 12.

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