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Rating: 5/5, based on 9 votes
uploaded 2019-03-14 00:37:24, by Cruise

It was completely rebuilt:

- rescales
- implemented all buildings
- 5 more Bga's installed
- stables installed (Giantstrigger base)
- hofsilos installed (Giantstrigger basis)
- field angle installed
- new fruits: carrots, onions, red cabbage, cabbage, hops, strawberries, tobacco, sorghum, rye, lavender, lettuce, millet, poppy seeds, alfalfa

Lunchbox, KevinK98 ,GTX, FarmerAndy, Blacksheep, Blacky_BPG, Marhu, igor29381, Xentro, Ifko[nator]Slowtide63, Kastor, Kobold Koby, BaTt3RiE, Susi, Eribus, Markus

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uploaded by Cruise
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Comments (5)

2019-03-14 23:14:14 Yaz (Guest)
One of the best maps of FS17, if not the best. I spent many hours there. Now, the FS19 offers many new possibilities for implementation. Good work, keep the course, Now I'll test it.
2019-03-19 11:14:40 K (Guest)
Awesome map!!! heaps of fields and you can really tell you have put time and effort into this :). only down side is I can't sell the new fruit you have added, I guess you will add that later on :)
2019-03-19 13:48:05 SiMR
Yawnn..that's nice..most of us have gotten used to creating our own farm arenas..sell points are optional..but your layout isn't..shame waste of time..looks good in photos for sure
2019-03-24 21:35:42 Pirsn (Guest)
Triggers won't work for me...! Won't start crushing woods, can't buy fuel.....
2019-06-19 20:35:06 deathsguad
can't buy animals add bga 4 ore stable, only if you are not in a farm ?? play it on a server

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