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Lone Oak Farm 19 v 1.0

Rating: 5/5, based on 8 votes
uploaded 2019-09-19 00:19:34, by John Der33

Welcome to Lone Oak Farm.... A real life replica farm in Oregon, USA.
- Full seasons support with many extra featurs
- New grass textures (cut grass texture etc)
- Custom ground textures
- Custom Wheat/barley textures (auther forgotten fruits)
- 55 fields with many missions
- 3 sell points Bga,sawmill and other places
- dof (graphics) has been removed to improve fps and distance blurryness.
bulletbill83 is the creater of this map and has given me kind permission to convert it over for you.... big thank you to him.

Map creater Bulletbill83/ Converter Oxygendavid

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (10)

2019-09-19 00:45:26 me (Guest)
it took that moron long enough to convert it. Still wish he would have made it placeable friendly. All that crap from 17 is clutter.
2019-09-19 04:19:46 Tim (Guest)
Wow really, you call someone that provides a free service....FREE service mind you a moron? 1st of all, and most importantly, if this is the way you act on a normal basis....don't reproduce. 2nd of all, are you converting mods? Have you made any? If so...i want links. If not, keep your keyboard commando booger hooks off the keyboard and stay off the internet.
2019-09-19 08:06:26 re Tim (Guest)
Your the sheep
2019-09-19 13:40:27 S0HN0H
I SIMR..have taken a few mod converts in FS19 and made them better..that's very true of me. I make a mod better than its presenters do..that Mod now becomes MY Mod (my property) that's also very true of Giants can eat shit. I keep my mods updated not Giants. without my updates them mods don't work..simple as that. No I did not convert this map..nor the first FS19 lone oak contrary to youtube belief. I should tho - beings these "Converts" cant do the job right. if I was to convert Lone Oak 19- this map becomes my property or No Deal. simple as that.
2019-09-19 14:29:42 Re: (Guest) (Guest)
2019-09-20 21:51:33 Frank420 (Guest)
Why do people like this map so much? There isn't anything special about it. I mean it's NOT Lincoln Creek.
2019-09-20 22:25:08 S0HN0H
well- 1. have you played FS17 Lone Oak? the textures are custom to Lone Oak..grass, the sky, ect 2. have you played FS17 Lone Oak at night..see that sky (the only map to include custom sky testures that moved) 4. this map was epic for FS17 - that's why (go view FS17 Lone Oak streams on you tube) however..FS19 Lone Oak 19 is NOTHING like the FS17 version. Lone Oak was supposed to be a preview for the soon to be released FS19..of which it wasn't.
2019-09-20 22:30:24 S0HN0H
a huge uproar on BullitBills Facebook page caused all the mystery surrounding the now FS19 Lone Oak 19. and the fact that entering the Map - feels like home. Lincoln Creek? never heard of her. @frank..perhaps you just don't get it..and wont ever get it. no matter how much is explained to you. Lone Oak 19 is the original and never will be..end of story.
2019-09-20 22:37:50 S0HN0H
i still have my edited version of of Lone Oak 17 and Lone Oak 19..i will never release that mod publicly or do i pass my edits around. take my word - my edit is wayyy better (i guess because i have a better PC than its creator)
2019-09-22 00:14:41 S0HN0H
@Frank Start HERE: then you'll begin to understand why this map is "so Special" and why Lone Oak is loved by all who know about it, and enjoy playing on it.

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