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Malopolska Map v 1.2

Rating: 3/5, based on 4 votes
uploaded 2019-09-14 17:12:09, by John Der33

Hey ! I present to you my map: Lesser Poland Village
The map is large, covers the entire possible area, is kept in the climate of Podbeskidzie.
The map has:
- 4 farms of different sizes
- Cows
- Pigs
- Sheep
- Chickens
- Farmland
- 236 fields (bought)
- 12 meadows (bought)
- Ability to remove stones, trees and bushes from the field borders
- 1 large forest and several smaller groves
- Sawmill
- 2 Purchases of straw and hay
- 2 cereal purchases
- Dairy
- SKR / PGR operating as a biogas plant (we make silage there and sell it in a cow trough)
- Gates and Gates opened at the push of a button
- Lights on button
- Car traffic
- Multiterrain
- Seasons compatibility
- Interesting, highly varied terrain
- Climate of Podbeskidzie
I hope you like the map: D
v1.1 changes:
- Most of the entrance gates have been expanded and some garages have been enlarged
- The forest has been thickened
- Dairies and liming stations have been added
- The ending has been improved
- Silage silo on the farm with cows has been repaired
- Some minor bugs have been removed
v1.2 changes:
- pleacable animals have been added (we put them in places marked on farms)
- a tavern with cows was repaired
- multiterrain has been added
- a seasons mask has been added
-the texture of trees and some models (birch, pine) have been changed to make them compatible with seasons
-all the bushes also change colors at any given time of the year
- seasonal objects have been added, e.g. snow on farm roofs, ice on the river, smoke from chimneys in autumn and winter, etc.
- fields and mountains in the background turn white after the snow falls
-adding sleeping space has been added
- most errors in the LOG have been removed
- some minor bugs have been removed
!!WARNING!! For placing buildings on the map, the MOD: Place Objects Anywhere!
The map can be taken to other forums, but only with the original link and the author's name
- Map editing
- reupload
- link changes


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uploaded by John Der33
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