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Muhlenkreis Mittelland v 1.0.1

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uploaded 2019-01-27 19:31:32, by John Der33

This card presents the decorative landscape of the Mühlenkreis with its nostalgic touch, idyllically integrated in a unique landscape.
There are 4 sales stations, as well as purchase stations for lime and manure available, furthermore, the card offers a biogas plant.
Chickens, cows, pigs, sheep and various halls and shelters are already pre-installed on the farm.
Right next to the yard is an area for placeable objects, such as a paddock.
Water can be found on the map at the numerous wells as well as at the pond.

Version 1.0.1:
- Added purchase stations for fertilizer and seeds at the nursery. (Remember to open the plans)
- Gas and water now available at the garage.
- Agravis can now sell grass and straw.
- Fixed sleep function of the farmhouse.
- adapted transport missions.
- Collision of street signs removed (except for reflector posts).
- Courtyard buildings are now sellable (you do not get any money, but the buildings only cost 1 € to relocate) so you can arrange them to your liking (except for silos and BGA).
- Camera in the GE now adapted for everyone.
- Purchased areas adapted to the light mode.
- Added launch vehicles (Fendt favorite is available on each mode).
- Various smaller fixes
- Reduced price of the yard area so you do not have to invest so much.
- The placeable courtyard buildings are from BernieSCS (Modding World) and the hall from VertexDezign
- Support only on ls-modcompany


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uploaded by John Der33
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