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New City Map

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uploaded 2019-01-29 17:50:00, by Guest

Map with standart fruits and other(cabbage redCabbage lettuce onion carrot) this are the same like sugarBeet and carrot,(millet sorghum rye rice) same like all cereals from standard maps and (clover) like grass.Map comes with holmer pack for first fruits(one header for one fruit and harvester for all) and the rest of fruits can be harvested with machinery from farming simulator.Fruits cant be unloaded on the ground because my densityMapHeightTypes on load the files(diffuse,normal and Distance).Maybe somebody fix this.All fruits can be sold for money or storage in storage farm(vegetables have one storage and cereals other).In barn can storage remaing seeds,lime,fertilizer,grass,straw,silage or you can buy from Lime station buy lime from Garden center buy seeds fertilizer liquidfertilizer and herbicide.Map must be unpack and copied to mods folder only zip files.Olso map as inside mods like multiple mission and fruits hud.This is my first map and upload on internet.People witch want to unload new fruits on the ground open map01 from xml files and change the line for densityMapHeightTypes(delete the" "from the end(warning  when you make this appear error in log and textures does not show but you can unload on the ground and use conveyor belt for pallet witch cames with the map after buy the land).All the mods for the map you will find in tools misc.


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uploaded by Guest
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Comments (5)

2019-01-29 22:22:33 FarmWrangler
B.O.B. Flyover - New City Map -
2019-01-29 23:27:36 FarmWrangler
Faming Simulator 19 - B.O.B. Looksee by Train - New City Map -
2019-02-01 05:41:16 demon (Guest)
fix yo files its empty after downloading twice who forgets to add files to the download
2019-02-01 06:13:27 demon (Guest)
wrong ip from modsfile download....the direct download empty file after downloading fix this I want this map
2019-02-01 12:49:06 seeu (Guest)
Unable to harvest.Action is required.

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