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New Woodshire v 1.1.1

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uploaded 2020-02-28 19:03:11, by John Der33

Welcome to Woodshire, a small town in the north of America. On various farms, cows, pigs, sheep and chickens grow up here between mountains and forests.
The people living in Woodshire appreciate local produce, so the fields need to be cultivated and the animals fed.
In addition to agriculture, forestry is a large part of the economy in Woodshire.
The large spruce- and fir forests offer a lot of work for the woodcutter.
a little hint: In the multiplayer all preinstalled placeables(stables, farmhouse ...) belong to the first farm. If you want to play without them you can remove them, delete the farm and create a new farm.
So you have a normal multiplayer start.
changelog 1.1:
-seasons ready
-new ground textures
-new grass
-rework of the meadows
-many landscape improvements
-more vegetation
-sound rework
-port sellstation for trains now also available for tractors
-new biogas plant buildings, because of texture issues
-two buildings exchanged
-traffic speed increase
changelog new savegame required
-new cow stable
-farmsilo at the start (multifruit)
-new grass type (multiplication grass)
-bushes (grassTown) and decoration grass (grassrough) are paintable
-set back point at the farm


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uploaded by John Der33
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