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Ninghan Farms v 1.0

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uploaded 2020-03-12 01:48:28, by John Der33

Welcome to Ninghan Farms. located in the Central WheatBelt of Western Australia.
- i have tried to make it as close as i can to real life.
- added transport missions, like bales and seed pallets.
- 36 fields with missions.
- 4 sell points also Bga,sawmill, bale sell point and livestock Market.
- custom environment edits. to place the sun in correct position as real life
- custom color grading
This is my first map for farming simulator, i would like to thank everyone that has helped me complete the map.
farm history
My great grandfather purchase this farm in 1929, then proceeded to clear the land and begin farming.
i am the 4th generation to live and farm this land, as the farmed turned 90 years old as farming simulator turned 10.
i thought this would be a perfect time to produce and release the map.
Thank you for downloading the map, please enjoy your stay.


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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (4)

2020-03-12 15:51:46 S0HN0H
Thank You for sharing. I like the background story, which inspired me to download this map and farm it. I have to admit..I have never farmed an Aussie map before.. this is a first for me. I do like the custom textures. Fantastic work.
2020-03-12 17:59:42 S0HN0H
I researched this area. wow - very authentic map work Aussie Farmer.
2020-03-13 04:46:29 Trucky (Guest)
Thanks mate, spent a few hours on it last night, awesome. Trying to work out which area cos I was Wagin and surrounds.Great first time effort and yea the textures a pretty spot on. Brings back good memories.Aussie Farmer.
2020-03-26 18:52:11 shadow (Guest)
awesome map but them ****ing gates when they're open give super wide birth always getting banged up on them even a meter away with road trains and long comb trailers(tail swing) also dragging harvesters what a pain put header front on comb trailer drive to next door paddock hook un hook (need wider gates)oh and close gate when harvesting still trying to set the farm up and chopped and chipped the trees on fields I own and replant with pine trees having over hang branches over crop cant see straight planted trees down lane ways and around paddock borders for looks but not to harvest planted trees and planted more trees than cut down and chipped pity the wet roads doesn't generate red mud on vehicles I thought field rain water flow/salinity culverts lead to turkey nests or dams ?

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