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Your farm is located on the outskirts of Wiehengebirge, chickens, pigs and sheep are located directly on the farm, the horse farm is outsourced a little further from the main courtyard. The farm collects granaries, fruits, chopped straw, silage, straw, hay, grass and all kinds of fruits that can be collected on the map.

There is a point of purchase of seeds and fertilizers / lime / pesticides right on the farm. At both stations, the purchase price is much cheaper than at the dealer. There is a water trigger to fill the water trailers (water from one’s own well is free), and there is a water tank to drain the trailer in which there is still some residual water to transport other goods, such as milk.
All standard crops are present, and onions, carrots, white cabbage, red cabbage, hops, rye, spelled and tobacco are optional.

There is a ferry across the Weser, which is framed as an animated object. You should catch a ferry, get out of a working vehicle, press the left mouse button (then the ferry will leave) and immediately return to the vehicle. If the ferry is on the wrong side, you can pick up the boat on the pier with the mouse button.

There are 4 pet stores, one for each species, there are signs. There are two shopping centers where you can buy all crops if they are not in stock

There are 2 BGAs installed, a small one under the television tower and a large one on the channel with 3 silos of 90,000 liters each and huge transit silos for silo production.

88 fields of different sizes were identified, the total area is about 1000 hectares, next to 3 meadows, they can be collected without worrying about the future (feeding, cleaning, etc.)
The harvest is still extremely tall, a flaw; you cannot use an assistant, but mow the grass yourself. There are also various forest areas.
Most fields are available in blocks of two, often there is great potential for self-improvement of available fields.

Transport missions established

8 new productions and one change:
Mill 1 (Südhemmern: only wheat, oats or barley = flour)
Mill 2 (rye = dark flour)
Making bread: (flour and dark flour, sunflowers and water = bread)
Vegetable oil production: (rapeseed, sunflower and water = vegetable oil)
Grated cake production (potatoes with onions, vegetable oil and water = grated cupcake)
Paper production (wood chips, straw, lime and water = paper)
Cigarette production (tobacco and paper = cigarettes)
Production of coleslaw: (cabbage, red cabbage, onions and vegetable oil = coleslaw)
Dumpling production: (washed potatoes and flour and vegetable oil and UHT milk = dumplings)

Compatible with Seasons mod, added seasonal mask




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