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PV Industries 16x

Rating: 3/5, based on 204 votes
uploaded 2019-02-17 19:25:00, by Guest

Here is the beta version of PV Industries 16x. I subbed and shared so you do not have to pay to play.



PV Industries 16x, 1 photo

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uploaded by Guest
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Comments (32)

2019-02-17 21:01:21 JoKe (Guest)
Except you don’t have to pay to play... this is a beta test for the version that will be put out to all in a week or even two at most. Good job for ruining it
2019-02-17 22:29:35 insider (Guest)
guys dont worry this guy is in the process of being identified
2019-02-17 22:46:58 FS19 (Guest)
i hope he can get identified so we can start testing again with dave.
2019-02-18 00:19:28 BostonJohnny1226 (Guest)
This is the perfect example as to why modders are so hesitant to release anything anymore. YOU numbnuts, were privileged to test this map and now you do this. You're an asshole and may you be gangbanged by a bunch of well hung horny rednecks, just like your mother was. But, I do feel compassion for you, knowing how hard Father's Day is for you: to who do you send the card to?
2019-02-18 01:46:49 Tommy UK (Guest)
Reported this as Dajnet hasn't yet released copies to the public domain via mod websites.
2019-02-18 03:32:00 echo ex machina (Guest)
Two things: This was never pay to play and the link has been killed so joke is on the poster
2019-02-18 05:27:28 Opie1977 (Guest)
Im guessing johndeer guy did it
2019-02-18 18:54:29 me (Guest)
you can d/l it here since this link is gone.
2019-02-18 19:45:55 Demon (Guest)
map might be worth downloading after its done with BETA version just have to see a picture of the in game map till I see that I wont be downloading it just yet (BETA VERSION) waiting on map to update some more as well
2019-02-18 23:49:33 TonyB (Guest)
it's the same map as what is/was in 17
2019-02-20 00:07:06 LWFW (Guest)
Does anybody know when this map is gonna be OFFICIALLY released?
2019-02-20 12:32:19 Hunter (Guest)
Hi guys you modders must please ignore ass holes like him and please on with the great work done you, some of us don't mind testing and leaving positive feedback, a shame the link is gone
2019-02-20 14:58:16 JDFAN (Guest)
LINK dead, cmon
2019-02-20 19:09:47 TLE (Guest)
can't download file... error: file not longer exists at this place error code: 404 were can i find the right dl?????
2019-02-21 00:18:19 raven3160
sorry guys you wonr be getting this map yet it was stolen map was not finished
2019-02-21 01:28:45 re Raven3160 (Guest)
Your an idiot! This WAS released on Fb as a Beta map. There is a public FB group made just for help with this map.
2019-02-25 11:12:27 Swift (Guest)
Interesting to see how some people rage on about the legality of this Map, when it appears that it was indeed made publicly available. You can confirm this here: And the download link posted on the fb page still seems to work. All this pant-crapping seems a little odd and unnecessary, to be honest! Way to many cry-babies in the world these days!
2019-03-01 05:48:54 Giants RULES (Guest)
You little kiddies, none of you are seasoned Farming Simulator players, since day 1 with all giants mods all game versions, it plainly states that once a mod has been uploaded publicly, it is fair game. Also, per the creator of the game, all mods using their software is property of Giants, and has a world wide license to put anywhere, anytime, and is free to mod to any other player. You don't want a mod to go public? DONT SHARE IT. How about READ the License of a game BEFORE you click yes idiots.
2019-03-10 02:06:38 SiMR them 'Loop Hole' people...only focus on getting away with it..what ever 'It' is. this case, its a released map. done blew your wad all over the comment your a big guy now huh - you cry baby back bitch's know way too say so little - baiting responses...master twits, are here 'announcing anything' dropping 'dave' ..each of you seems to know what the other is talking about..the 5 of you are in on it.or its a modder and his two buddy's..either way - your still ignorant..
2019-03-10 22:23:04 olivier (Guest)
j'ai réussi a la télécharger, et à jouer je vais continuer de la tester, et juste mes 1er impressions c'est un excellent travail j'ai pourtant pas un PC extraordinaire qui a 15 ans lol mais pour le moment cela se passe a merveille et c'est assez fluide. Pour le moment cela fonctionne bien pas du bug particulier ou défaut que j'aurais pu observé. Bravo pour le travail une carte très complète. En attendant la suite jusqu'à mon PC l'accepte mdrrr
2019-03-19 22:01:18 Modmaniac (Guest)
pretty bad that people have no respect for others . know the rules of giants but could have at least asked to upload a beta map that is not finished and be respectful. damn vultures if you ask me . people wonder why modders are so reluctant to release mods. many great mods out there but creators wont release them due to this kind of disrespect. what a shame.
2019-04-08 05:25:29 Marcos (Guest)
Have a player with the map osceola? fs 19 or 17?
2019-04-15 03:46:05 justin (Guest)
The link doesn't work
2019-04-25 03:09:54 straka2
2019-08-10 21:14:21 Mike Wilson Sr (Guest)
I don't know if those who creating this map, or if this just another bot on the page. ( I hope not) but if you read this comment, by reading previous comments; especially near the top I get its in beta (testing)and in one comment it was stated will be released in two weeks that was marked in Feb of this year, I've been monitoring this particular mod map for its release for a while now and a 16x map is very exciting to see what all on the map. anyways I clicked on the link to download it to try it out. and the mod isn't there. do you or anyone have an idea of an official release date to where it wont be in beta? or even if it will be released at all? if so, what mod sites will it be uploaded too. best regards
2019-08-18 16:29:08 Mike (Guest)
Hello Mike, Not sure if i am allowed to post links here but if you google Dajnet, you will find their facebook, website, forum and modsite where you can download the latest updates. The developer is also active on Twitch. The map is now playable with many Global company mods and they are very busy developing the factories. Best regards...
2019-08-30 00:14:18 Mike Wilson Sr (Guest)
Thank you for the info, will look into it. have a great day! Best regards
2019-09-05 17:11:52 lucaslaursen
i cant download it!
2019-09-23 13:27:06 Ghost1968 (Guest)
FS19_PV Industries V1.7.1 (Updated 9/10/2019)
2019-10-21 03:59:27 zombiehuntersinc
It would help you mod makers to add photos of your maps and such if you want people to play your mods. That would be much better then having everyone trying to guess at what amazing mods you are talking about creating!
2019-12-08 15:53:43 Farmer005
Watch what u say there are kids browsing this website
2020-02-12 01:47:59 guh (Guest)
404 Aquele arquivo não está mais aqui

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