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uploaded 2018-12-06 10:42:16, by Cruise

Ravenport Canyon is an edit of the Ravenport Giants map.
Central location next to livestock market.
Map has house and sheds and 2 ponds.
Lots of flat land for animal placement and anything else you like.

Original Ravenport map by Giants.
Edit by joecox1231


RAVENPORT CANYON v 1.0, 1 photo

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uploaded by Cruise
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Comments (2)

2018-12-06 14:57:28 SiMR
ok- ok..again, some more useless shit mods..NOBODY wants to feel as if were going backwards in the day and age of technology. this map?..makes me feel stupid - for looking at it..lower end of the Map Modding Scale..FLAT? your joking right. you know..the Map problems of FS19 aren't whether or not we need flat surfaces..its because of Giants Texture and Terrain of the default maps when placing placibles. now everyone edits..NO ONE's addressing the real issue with FS19. all the modders are just editing defaults BORING!!! as fuk..Nov 20th about 5 minutes after I downloaded this POS game..i $34 dollars were used improperly . I WILL NEVER BUY INTO ANOTHER FARMING SIM ANYTHING AS LONG AS I BREATHE still a great version..FS17 was a massive hit- a joke, waste of time..NOTHING more than a Cash Cow. and these Mods - show it as it really is..a WASTE OF MONEY AND TIME..GIANTS I cant stand you sorry sons of bitchs..or your POS FS19..
2018-12-06 16:15:40 ADRENALINE MOB (Guest)
@SiMR, you sound like a whiny little cunt.No one really cares if you like the game or not. Shut the fucker off and go make some pop tarts, I'm sure you are sitting around in Mommy and Daddy's basement playing FS19.

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