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Ravenport map for modding with GE (Works)

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uploaded 2018-11-27 17:35:30, by TroyJustin


This is nothing more than the standard US Ravenport map that comes with the game ready to be edited to your desire in GE. There's been another upload or two of this but they are missing files or aren't working correctly. Everything works in game in this one, the sell points are there and working, as well as contracts are working. There's one error in the log about a transform group bush both in the game log and GE log but it's not game breaking and I didn't bother trying to fix it yet.


Keep in mind the buildings on the main farm in the game if you start as a new farmer show up in GE but if you move them and save they will not be moved in the game. I believe it has something to do with how Giants has set up the "New Farmer" difficulty and placeables already in that mode. Just delete them in GE and import their files if you wish to use them on your farm in GE.






Ravenport map for modding with GE (Works), 1 photo

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uploaded by TroyJustin
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