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Ricciville v 1.0

Rating: 5/5, based on 8 votes
uploaded 2019-06-29 10:29:21, by John Der33

I present you with the map FS19 Ricciville.
Map was built to honor the Ricci Family. My maternal grandparents had 16 children. Yes my mom is one of 16 children, the family reunions were awesome. Lets honor: Grandfather Samuel, Grandmother Lucia, Uncles: Angelo, Tony, Sammy, Donald, Johnny, Jimmy, Pete, Lou, Bobby, Mom: Elenore, Aunts: Rosie, Lucy, Antonette, Louise, Mary, Jean.
4X map built on the blank base provided by Dajnet Mods ( Pleasant Valley Maps). Thanks to Dave and his map class videos.
Map contains the following: 2 trains; 1 barge; 59 fields; 2 BGA's; 3 forests: 16 custom sell points: 21 water fill triggers; 133 farmlands to purchase; working traffic and pedestrians; Standard fruits plus Sorghum, Millet, Rice, hemp, Coffee, Cranberry, Hops, Carrot, Onion, poppy, Mustard, Peanut, Rye, and Clover.; Product to mine containing a few hundred million liters each of the following material: Stone, Coal, Salt, Silt, Gravel, Ore, and Sand.
Custom transport missions.
Map is built to use the placeables and factories as Dave with dajnet creates and releases them.
I am Oldman102, I have been fighting prostate cancer for the past seven years and am in constant pain. Working on the map takes my mind off the pain for a few hours a day. In the past six months, I have become unable to work. I am living in my sisters spare room and have thousands of dollars in outstanding medical bills. Although donations are not necessary, any donation as little as one dollar will go toward medicine and medical bills.
Follow me on Facebook for updates on this map and the next one.
A huge thanks to MrSpecies7 for testing the map, please check out his channel and give him a like and follow.
Have fun with the map.


uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (12)

2019-06-29 14:14:58 MISTERM
donde esta el mapaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
2019-06-29 16:16:01 fripouille (Guest)
pas de carte
2019-06-29 21:01:14 Roflin (Guest)
No Map Included in Download
2019-06-29 22:30:29 FarmWrangler
Great job Oldman! B.O.B. Lookaround - RicciVille - Farming Simulator 19 -
2019-06-29 23:09:31 ScreamingDemon1
Just an absolutely awesome job!!!!!!!!!! I am loving this map, GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2019-06-30 00:16:31 Roflin (Guest)
Thank you for the Link FarmWrangler
2019-06-30 02:45:31 thierryc9 (Guest)
Pour moi la meilleure map de l'année ..vraiment complète...ce lien n est que des mods map peux se charger sur d’autre site
2019-07-02 21:08:18 papylolo34 (Guest)
Superbe map,un travail d'orfèvre.
2019-07-06 16:25:25 basesku89
in the next update please add roads to the mini map
2019-07-11 12:14:29 Rifoch (Guest)
Super créateur et magnifique map. Merci. Si quelqu'un pouvait m'aider : le godet de la pelle ne se rempli pas. Merci d'avance.
2019-07-11 17:28:08 Chris (Guest)
Where do i find silt?
2019-07-24 17:21:44 Graystoak
Outstanding map. I've had to make zero changes for a great experience.

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