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Village francais v 1.0

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uploaded 2020-03-23 17:08:15, by John Der33

Hello everyone, I present you the fs19 French village card.
Map made on the basis of modified felsbrun and enlarged to its maximum.
You will find the village of felsbrun francized with all the French shops bakery butcher hairdresser bar restaurant etc. to this I added a second mountain village with these pretty wooden chalets the relief has slightly changed as you can see in the photos.
A dam completes the small mountain stream and next to it you will find the monastery under renovation.
Wide free meadows border the new river. A hospital, a fire station, a gendarmerie and a sports complex complete the facilities of a classic French city, finally you have a large area for placing buildings.
I also changed the concession and added a small house by the pond.
There is no farm at the start nor a vehicle so I let you build your farm as you wish because it is clear that more often than not the new players completely change the equipment and their farm runs free to your imagination.
This is a good game for everyone to stay close to home, do not take unnecessary risks of infecting your loved one or yourself. Thank you for our nursing doctor and all the medical and paramedical personnel, the emergency services, the fire brigade, the police, the gendarmerie and all the shops open for our daily life, they are all fighting for our health.

giant farming 19 modification maximus45

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uploaded by John Der33
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