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FS19 Large Multi Silo Peasantville v 1.1

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uploaded 2020-01-17 13:54:49, by John Der33

-ground leveling and placement issues, now will level and place silo on any ground, due to it large size recommend leveling the area for the silo and any areas around the silo you want level, placeing at its lowest placement possible will help place the silo on the lowest elevation of ground
-discharge effect no onger goes from pipe through the ground,
-fans are all placed correctly and visible inside dryers
Dirt as ground texture, lights, season mask
This is the new placable multi fruit farm silo for peasantville maps, will work on all maps.
all fans are working with sound, with a capacity of 2500000 for each fruit type.
Fruity types
wheat barley oat maize canola potato sugarBeet sugarCane sunflower manure lime seeds pigFood woodChips soybean dryGrass_windrow grass_windrow straw chaff fertilizer silage forage forage_mixing (TMR) poplar.
no errors, or warning fully tested
any issues please report them hope you enjoy the silo, as always feel free to edit and share your edits.



FS19 Large Multi Silo Peasantville v 1.1, 1 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (1)

2020-06-13 17:22:42 BILLET (Guest)
Great silo!!! love the storage capacity! Works great on my huge farm!!

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