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System-Tec Mischfutteranlage v

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uploaded 2019-05-25 08:04:47, by John Der33

This plant converts hay, Silage and Strow in compound feed.
The system must be switched on to fill and also removed from the control cabinet in the middle!
If you want, you can also place the raw materials right on the conveyor in bale shape.
At the front of the conveyor belt, to the left of the engine are 2 green lights.
There, the slider can be activated, which then conveys the bales in the machine.
The slider moves automatically back to the initial position after the bales have been picked up by the system!
The system has a footprint of 20x15m (including trigger!)
The whole thing is of course log errors free!
That's it already.



System-Tec Mischfutteranlage v, 1 photo
uploaded by John Der33
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2019-05-25 16:20:01 BEAST

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