CLAAS Challenger 55 Crawler Tractor V2.5

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7 months ago
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BigRichMods presents: CLAAS Challenger 55 Crawler Tractor V2.5 Price $133,000 US *custom add ons will cost more. Power: 390 Horse Power: 530Hp land speed 60 (which is 30mph) 6cyl Turbo Diesel. ive tested the 535HP Model, and it opperates perfect. working speed is 10mph. i took out the dumb dumb sounds, and added in Claas Axion 9xx sounds,(sounds way better) changed brake force to reflect the increased HP, changed back up speeds wich is now upto 10mph. This Mod is based off the CLAAS Xerion5000 Mod. this is an Edited version. *Note when i downloaded this Mod, then used it in my game. i knew right away the sounds were wrong, then i drove it- and it fell right on its face. it would go - then stop - go - then stop. look into the file..low behold a stupid file was added by the modder, so this Mod wouldnt perform right "DECEPTION" i took out that file..the replaced it back into my game, this tractor now oporates like it was intended and fully functional. i Have Not bought or teested none of the options, do so at your own risk. i tested the 535 HP with default crawler tracks. as you can see in the photos this CLAAS Crawler Tractor was opporating and plowing just fine. depending on what implement the working speed is avarage 10mph which is fair. i changed the price to reflect Todays US dollars price on the average. this Crawler Tractor is a fun Mod..Please put this tractor to work. Thank You for considering BigRichMods. Disclaimer: it is NOT my intention to misrepresent the Modding Cumminity, or its modders. i only edit mods i like, and that need my help. i DO NOT wish or intend to make a living off edits, Free is fine with me, as long as they work as they say they do- most dont..My edits are only improovments made to the original Modders Work. Per Based actual Farming needs. if you dont like this mod..i understand - its ok delete it, or dont download it. im not here to edit mods per everyone else's wants and needs and i can careless if haters hate me or my mods- who cares what you like or dont life doesnt revolve around you - so get over yourself. Enjoy ..ty BRMs

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Latest Version V2.5
Game FS 19
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Created 7 months ago


this goes to any Modder, Editors in general. get your **** together and start putting out decent Mods that are edited to WORK as they are supposed to. because here comes BigRich, and if i find your mods to not be worthy..i will re-edit that mod, re-upload that mod, and will give you "all the credit" will get credit for producing Lame Ass Mods- i promise. i'm not as dumb as these people commenting, hopes i am or claims me to be. i know exactly what is and isn' supposed to be in ANY FS game Mod File. and i sure as hell don' find XML files that complicated at all, or editing an XML file. sharpen your pencils cl****..schools in session.


also- i have about 100 recent released Mods..that are a fraud..they aren' what the modders claim them to be. but they still got the download count tho. so how many others, like me..have downloaded some mod..that gives the players PC a virus, or the mod doesnt work at many suckers have downloaded mods, and got burned. i feel sorry for them gamers - who don' know a damn thing about editing and wouldn' know the difference..unless someone like me comes along and shines my light in dark places..exposing crap mod, and douche bag modders. im not finished YET with these modding communities - stay tuned for the firework show. because i plan on exposing all the FRAUD, and modders cashing in on bogus mods. and this Mod Edit of mine, is the beginning of all that down fall.


a simple edit by who? no..this junk mod was broke, and wouldn' move forward yesterday when i downloaded it. i opened the file and saw right away a file that did NOT belong in no Mod file for any farming simulator game, of which i took that BS file out, and finally this tractor drove forward with no problem. i edited more, added the RIGHT sounds, ect. I DID NOT MAKE THIS MOD as i stated. But i did edit this mod TO WORK THO- i don' need NO ONES approval to edit anything. who ever Epic Pyrda is? that dumb **** doesn' need to be modding PERIOD. tellem i said so. download the original...look at the'll see a L64 file which doesn' belong in NO FS game mod. this EpicPryda dip**** - put that file in this mod, long before i touched fact, this Mod was a Lemon right from release. but that SOB got a mod count for all its downloads different then a used car salesman selling a Lemon car that breaks down as soon as you leave the lot..Rico..yeah i caught your friend putting out Lame mods and still getting paid for it (Fraud) exactly what this is about. LOOK at the'll see homegirl Rico - dumb dumb - got some gum gum.

7 months ago

A simple edit from EpicPryda mod. Not even mentionned in the credits.


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