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John Deere 2032r EDIT v 1.01

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uploaded 2020-03-03 16:56:18, by John Der33

Release of my john deere 2032r EDIT* NO GRASS DROP MOWER
ALL credits go to the original modders for making the original mod without that i could have done this edit for you all to enjoy and share
now has more realistic hp and top speed.
motor rpm picks up when using mower now.
mower takes realistic pto hp and rpm use now.
tractor motor runs at more realistic rpm now.
mower deck does NOT drop any grass.
There may still be some problems my skills are still lacking.
If you are able to and so do fix the rest of the issues with this mod and or improve this mod all I ask is that you share it with everyone else to enjoy and give proper credit where it's due with any of my mod edits thank you.
Anyways enough of the boring stuff here's the file please enjoy and remember mods are meant to be enjoyed in a game not fought over. let's not ruin a great modding community.
Thank you for your understanding.

original modder BAMF MODS

Edit by Aj Bentley


John Deere 2032r EDIT v 1.01, 1 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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