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John Deere 9R 2014 Series/ Unlocked Files

Rating: 4/5, based on 15 votes
uploaded 2019-01-31 00:01:40, by MrNoLifing

John Deere 9R 2014 Series

-different Wheel Options with or without Wheelwheigts
-different Front- and Backweightoptions
-3-Poimt Fastcoupler Option
-Motorconfigs 9410R to 9560R Scraper Special

Feel free to share on other Pages, but keep Original Link. Keep respect this, i spend 
a couple of Hour´s in Blender, Substance and GE for this Mod. 

Get ready to Rumble and enjoy :)

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SB, Custom Modding


John Deere 9R 2014 Series/ Unlocked Files, 1 photo

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uploaded by MrNoLifing
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Comments (4)

2019-01-31 01:22:51 JDfan (Guest)
Courseplay doesn't work with 9R !
2019-01-31 01:37:51 BlueSky
Courseplay has BETA Status!
2019-01-31 09:09:28 me (Guest)
The top of the 3 point NEVER connects. Mod is full of errors. Can't this crap mod group put out a mod without errors. Not one mod they have mad is legit. Just let JHHG run the show and then we'll get quality mods. LeChuck aka MadDogz Modding is a joke as well.
2019-01-31 16:40:42 JDfan (Guest)
When you save the game it freezes .

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