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MB Trac 1300 - 1800 v 1.3

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uploaded 2019-02-12 01:49:08, by John Der33

But you can use it already Prima and he stands out strongly from the previously converted tractors.
He got a completely reworked sound from PeterAH [FBM], which has become really SUPER!

Peter has also adapted the smoke again something

For the sound to work properly players have to use the FS19_KeyboardSteer to put the gearbox off!

Please also note the readme in the zip to the sound!

Most people already know the tugboat and the functions have been said a lot by Cornhub.
Added to this are:

- Driver animated

- purchasable toplights from BR Mod Performance

- Selectable dynamic LED Rul from TschiZack

- Terra tires from Michelin and Mitas

- new air filter

- Fixed dynamic hoses

- Prices adjusted, etc.

- sound adjusted again by PeterAH [FBM]

- Exhaust smoke revised by PeterAH [FBM]
Look at it yourself!
Annotation Administrator:

For other boards and uploaders:

Please dont change download link.

Respect the much Hours to do this Work ...

Originalmod: BM Modding
Umbau (mit Freigabe): PommFritz
Sound und Rauch von PeterAH [FBM]
Unterstützer: BR Mod Performance
LED Rul von TschiZack Gaming
Toplights von BR Mod Performance


MB Trac 1300 - 1800 v 1.3, 1 photoMB Trac 1300 - 1800 v 1.3, 2 photoMB Trac 1300 - 1800 v 1.3, 3 photoMB Trac 1300 - 1800 v 1.3, 4 photo
uploaded by John Der33
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2019-02-12 11:34:24 BEAST

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