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Fliegl flatbed Roundbale autoload v 1.0.3

Rating: 3/5, based on 1 vote
uploaded 2019-01-05 07:07:01, by John Der33

This is the round bale Trailer.
I have added the Autoload to a Fliegl Flatbed. I give credit to Kentucky for the Fliegl Flatbed and Bigdaddy012678 credit for the Autoload. I simply combined the two. This is my first mod, Log looks clean however when you see trailer in store the supports are not down, so you will need a wheel loader to lift it but once you attach the trailer then unattach the supports work. Well hope you all enjoy." - TATOR

In looking at this trailer I noticed that fixing the supports, broke the straps. Same goes for the square bale. Im still working on a solution to get them to play nice together. Until then, the support fix was deemed more important for such a trailer. - THE SUPPORTS ARE FIXED! The trailer is now in the shop properly, and spawns on its legs properly. I cleaned all the errors out of the model and xmls

*Uses the original file name, so overwrite the exsisting one in the mods folder and you shouldnt need to rebuy it.*
Thanks to all the real modders who made the trailer in the first place!

Special thanks to KentuckyFarmer, BigDaddy012678, Tator, and The Expendables modding facebook group for the help!

Kentucky Farmer (Trailer), Bigdaddy012678 (autoload), Tator (Merge), MiscGuy (Edits)


Fliegl flatbed Roundbale autoload v 1.0.3, 1 photoFliegl flatbed Roundbale autoload v 1.0.3, 2 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (2)

2019-01-05 10:55:29 Tukker1965
Why does my games stop when I use this mod? Also the same with the square bale autoload!
2019-01-06 20:32:22 Madox (Guest)
Spiel stürzt ab nachdem die Trailer benutzt wurden ( Rundballen sowie Quarderballen )

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