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Seed express 1260 two Filltypes v 2.0

Rating: 4/5, based on 4 votes
uploaded 2019-04-26 02:15:48, by John Der33

This is my Version (2) of the seed express.
I added the ability for transporting two goods simultaniously and made a few tweaks here and there.
I changed the Filltypes to bulk for the replanting of sugarcane and Potatos too.
I added a litle devision wood for a split between the two transportation chambers.
Both chambers have a capacity of 20k currently.
Log free (tested in 1.3) but not tested in mp, just contact me if any bugs.
What I want to do:
Split the trailer into even more sections, so you can easiely can adjust how much of which filltype you want to take with.
Add a “laser pointer” so its easier to aim at small elevators on the ground.
Make the trailer stop sliding when fastly passing corners.
Maybe a colour configuration if im bored.
Maybe overdo the whole textures…
I´m open for suggestions tough.
Have FUN
Btw just to see how many download it, use the original Modshare link :) but i don´t care i don´t get Money anyways xD

Original in fs17 by: KNM Modding
Conversion to fs19: Wleininger
Two FillTypes: Marv63

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (2)

2019-04-26 19:41:11 BEAST
2019-04-27 06:20:04 paul (Guest)
absolutely useless cant work the auger/belting only slews the boom no other features ( belting slews only no other axis to load seeders) auger/belting only rotates there goes $10.000 of fertilizer down the drain reverting to the chandler seed tender or lame arse carting pallets strapped down onto semi trailers for seed tender which is slow and tedious might try the other seed express trailer mod

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