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Timber Runner Wide With Autoload Wood v 1.2

Rating: 4/5, based on 8 votes
uploaded 2019-03-09 22:07:00, by kenny456

This is set of three log trailers, which have larger space between forks, so you can load / unload them with front loader or big arm loaders. Autoload script was edited, so logs are now sorted to the piles.

-added new 15m and 20m trailers
-added additional forks which can be folded / unfolded when you are loading short logs to 3 or 4 piles (15m and 20m trailers)
-added back attacher for trailer and trailerLow to all trailers
-fixed showing controls when attached to dolly
-Autoload script edited (logs are now sorted to the piles)
-you can change number of logs piles on your trailer from 1 to 4
-you can switch between piles manually
-you can show unload area to see where logs will be unloaded
-you can show load area to see current pile
-you can move, resize and rotate unload area
-improved stability of trailer
-all controls can be set in your Inputbindings
-you can enable / disable F1 help, will be saved as global in xml config file

12m trailer - 1 pile up to 12m, 2 piles up to 6m or 3 piles up to 4m
15m trailer - 1 pile up to 15m, 2 piles up to 7.5m or 3 piles up to 5m or 4 piles up to 3.5m
20m trailer - 1 pile up to 20m, 2 piles up to 10m, 3 piles up to 6.5m or 4 piles up to 5m

KEY_X - fold / unfold additional forks (15m and 20m trailers)
KEY_B - start autoload
KEY_Y - start unload
KEY_O - change side (left / right)
KEY_KP_enter - change number of piles
KEY_KP_period - switch to next pile
KEY_KP_minus - shift unload position
KEY_KP_plus - resize unload position
KEY_KP_0 - rotate unload position
KEY_KP_multiply - show / hide load position (current pile)
KEY_KP_divide - show / hide unload position
KEY_lctrl KEY_t - show / hide F1 help controls (saved in xml config file)

If you find any errors or issues, let me know in comments or to and i will fix it in next version.

kenny456, Marhu, Dimanix

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uploaded by kenny456
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Comments (9)

2019-03-10 04:14:32 Trucky (Guest)
Thank you. We need more timber equipment mods.
2019-03-10 16:40:08 LumberjackTbot (Guest)
i dont see red unloading zone...
2019-03-10 21:24:08 streetreaper
everything works except unload I checked the key bindings and its all correct. love this trailer just wish it unloaded
2019-03-11 09:30:07 kenny456
Unloading button was changed from v1.1 (from x to z). If you used v1.1 before, you will need to remap it in game controls config manually. Or you can search fo "AUTOLOADWOOD2_TOGGLE_UNLOAD" in inputBinding.xml and edit it.
2019-03-12 03:27:43 streetreaper
I looked at the bindings and I saw that and it still doesn't unload.
2019-03-12 10:01:01 kenny456
streetreaper: Then open inputBinding.xml and delete all binding with "AUTOLOADWOOD2" and save it. When you start the game, it load new updated binding for v1.2
2019-05-29 19:50:58 WaJPeR (Guest)
Why it doesnt work?
2019-10-18 07:03:38 Mr critique (Guest)
first off the auto unload does not unload right. it unloads right back on the trailer therefore its a never ending unload. unloading zones dont show up . tried deleting autoloadwood2 zip it loaded update for 1.2 and its stil the same non working mod. what a waste of time to download. i have seen in previous comments where people have nicely told you what needs to be fixed or what was wrong and still no change. fix it or take the mod off .
2019-10-19 18:29:54 Mr critique (Guest)
the mod works fine . sorry for the previous comment Kenny 456. found out this mod will not work with ponsse or komatsu auto load forwarders. for those of you having problems with this mod you need to either take auto load ponsse and komatsu forwarders out of mods folder or uncheck them . Kenny 456 you need to put in description that this mod does not work with ponsse and komatsu auto load forwarders. great mod Kenny456 keep up the great work.

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