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Iconik Semis

Rating: 3/5, based on 10 votes
uploaded 2019-01-08 14:10:30, by Iconik

Heavily Modified Warrior, Hulk, and Road Runner

- Decal Options: Iconik Acres, Cottonwood Farms, Outlaw Farms, UPS, FedEx, Walmart, Home Depot, DFA, Shell, and US Forestry Services

- 3 Engine Options w/speed increases (72 - 102 MPH) Ranging from 460 to 1200 HP

- Paint Options: Added a Matte, Metalic, and Chrome option for the main colors. Aswell as added a few more gloss options.

Tire Options: Lizard, Nokian, Trelleborg, and Trelleborg Wide

Rear Hitch Selectable w/PTO

Beacon Bar Selectable!

Hope you enjoy it, May add the Tatra and Man in V2 if needed!?



Iconik Semis, 1 photoIconik Semis, 2 photoIconik Semis, 3 photo

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uploaded by Iconik
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Comments (12)

2019-01-08 20:47:09 Eagle355th
Wow this is Awesome! Thanks!
2019-01-09 00:09:43 dctoe
I am upvoting before I try them because your work has been very good so far and also because @Eagle355th (who's work is usually A+ too), likes them, :) Keep working at it and thanks for sharing around here. You got more guts than I do.
2019-01-09 02:00:10 Iconik
@dctoe Thanks for the vote of confidence, appreciate the compliments from you and Eagle355th.
2019-01-09 12:22:20 AB Farms (Guest)
Where's the 1200hp model ?.
2019-01-09 13:18:20 Iconik
@AB Farms Hulk and Road Runner
2019-01-09 16:46:11 AB Farms (Guest)
@Iconik I must be blind because I can't see any engine options for any model.
2019-01-10 03:47:09 Iconik
@AB Farms are you scrolling down? Engine Options are at the bottom right.
2019-01-10 13:39:10 AB Farms (Guest)
@Iconik ok found it, sorry about all that but thanks for the help.
2019-05-04 16:22:47 DDSniper
I love your mods Ikonik keep it up
2019-05-04 17:15:18 dumi (Guest)
tatra pleas v2
2019-08-09 14:42:45 BOB51160
Hello @ Iconik, very nice trucks here, I would like to know if I can use one of your truck, to change it side shifts and maybe more? for my trailers, thank you for giving me an answer ........... BOB51160 ...... (France).
2020-05-20 18:11:24 BigRich says (Guest)
some more Bling Bling from Iconiks closet.. patrons had a gay ol time with these for sure. Holy Christ all this game needs is more nail polish. Eagle355th did you order this sh*t? - lmao.. how many copies of the Same crap do we need? o well..i will steal this piece of sh*t and strip it down tomorrow - busy today

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