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Kenworth K200 v 1.0

Rating: 2/5, based on 4 votes
uploaded 2020-06-27 03:31:43, by John Der33

Kenworth K200 for Farming simulator 19
k200 edits. Still got to add lights.
Power: 475
Maximum Speed: 65
Price: 95000

TORK Modding


Kenworth K200 v 1.0, 1 photoKenworth K200 v 1.0, 2 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (8)

2020-06-27 03:52:46 Zac's FS19 Edits (Guest)
2020-06-27 05:27:05 fs community (Guest)
now you know how it feels
2020-06-27 05:31:24 Zac's FS19 Edits (Guest)
@Fs Community. Yes. I am also truly sorry for what I have done.
2020-06-29 17:34:52 me (Guest)
biggest pile of **** and gutless too...…………. shame
2020-06-29 18:51:36 ROAD-TRAIN (Guest)
would be nice when everything is fixed on this mod like in shop picture with all the shop options like the bull bar too with ROAD TRAIN and the truck needs fuel gauge and be able to repair at shop too but needs dolly hitch on rear but still needs MORE POWER and torque running empty triple road train grain trailers with 2 tri-axle dollies the T600 Kenworth does blitz it this k200 struggles but steers a whole lot better than TORK Modding's other k200 version
2020-06-30 01:47:27 Zac's FS19 Edits (Guest)
@ROAD-TRAIN, thats where you can get my mods. this is stolen from my group.
2020-06-30 10:25:26 ROAD-TRAIN (Guest)
where Zac?
2020-06-30 12:22:46 Zac's FS19 Edits (Guest)
Copy that link @ROAD-TRAIN

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