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Volvo A40G v 2.1.2

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uploaded 2019-09-05 12:49:33, by John Der33

First thing's first, I'm not the original author of this mod, please see credits section for info!
This mod was converted to FS19, and lights were added.  However, the lights did not conform to FS19.  My original intent was just to improve the lights.  I liked the edit and thought I would share.  Once I started editing, I made a few more changes.
To open the bonnet, it uses the unfold command, default key "X", to change tip speed it uses default key "U".
This is probably my final edit to this mod.
Full list of changes:
- Added second tip reference for faster unloading (default key "U")
- Minor text changes
- Tweaked articulation (Cab no longer fully tips over at MAX load)
- Added configurations (Cheaty config is still there, if you don't like it, you can edit the XML very easily)
- Added configuration for rims (Now had two colour options)
- Made some changes to the lights
- Added another configuration option
- Added wiper blade (Functional when it rains)
- Overhauled the lights for FS19
- Added configurations
- Enabled some folding animation for the bonnet (Default key "X")

Original author TMP / TP Simulation, Converted by shaidiestorc5673, updated by Knottypine v2.1.0.0 - v2.1.2.0

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uploaded by John Der33
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