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FS 19 Update (patch) v 1.1.3 Beta

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uploaded 2018-11-29 02:43:14, by John Der33

Fixed a rare blocker when creating a farm in multiplayer
Fixed block when entering vehicles after changing the inputs
Fixed sound with 7.1 headsets
Fixed saving mouse sensitivity
Fixed invert-y option for vehicle comeras
Fixed issues with Logitech force-feedback wheels (the centering force can now be configured in the Logitech Profiler (G25, G27) and the Logitech Gaming Software (G29, G920)
Fixed input conflicts when changing devices
There is no default mapping for unknown devices to avoid issues with constant menu and camera changes
Fixed some crashes with input devices
Fixed saving of sensitivity/deadzone of input devices
Added support for Logitech G29 and G920 gear shifter
Added support for Logitech G25
Added support for Thrustmaster T-GT and TS-XW
Fixed camera orientation with head tracking (e.g. Track IR)
Fixed cultivating and sowing contracts disappearing after accepting them

GIANTS Software


FS 19 Update (patch) v 1.1.3 Beta, 1 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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Comments (1)

2018-12-03 09:03:27 me (Guest)
I cannot get the update to work..... keeps saying set up files are corrupt/////why?

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