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Spintires Realism HD v 3.0

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uploaded 2019-01-09 12:08:14, by devilbass

This isn't just an update, I've reworked most textures, configuration
files, ground, water, sky, sun, and smoke effects, all vehicle
texture, new ambient sound, adding first view with steering
animation, restore the tire track effect on the ground, (thats why
have decided to keep using game version 25.12.15), since the last
version removed this effect. Special thanks to Localhost, without him 
I'd still banging my head against some bugs, the game is much more stable 
with his SpintiresPlus v10 and LAA V2 mods.

I do not support piracy, so i provide NO support with.

Credits: Here are the mods I have included. I have reworked several textures
to add detail;

Tattoo: Gearboxes
Armata: Zil130 addons 
MoeRon: MapBlack Diamond
DrGoNzO1489: DCMT Rock Friction 
Eskander: UAZtrailer (Better texture)
Planz: Planz Xtreme and Planz 4x4 map 
Nicklegosta: Gaz addons (Better texture)
RAMAXA: Maz 7310 Wheels (Better texture)
LocalHost: Spintires Plus V10 and LAA FIX V2
МаксимПионер: Ural 4320-41 v6.0 (Better texture)
0o-Fil-o0: From Deviant Art: Maz535 texture (Better texture)
DexterParis Industries: Mappack (Better texture and some are redone)
TkachenkoKirill: Texture Camouflage (Maz Tent and Kraz Carriage) (Better texture)
Hacked: UAZ-469 model and addons from Steam (Model modified and Texture redone)

Spintires +V10:
To edit settings, open SpintiresPlus_config.xml with a text editor, modify,
save, and play.


Tattoo skull gearbox:
If you don't like the default skull gearbox, you have 4 replacements in the Media
folder, located in your main Spintires folder. Open User/Config.xml
with a text editor and change "the"
line with the desired handle:
Additional information:


1- Install Spintires

2- Run RealismHD3.exe, specify where spintires is currently installer, for
example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Spintires

3- Set your language on top-right corner and set the best Fullscreen
resolution on game settings, everything after are configured for best play.


1- When you start game sometime Steam asked to update Spintires, just cancel and start

2- Some steering wheels animation not working on this model :
UAZ and Zil-131 (will be fixed soon).


1- If you like to bypass video on start, just delete the video folder on Spintires/Media/

2- To change default shortcuts icon with the last version of the game
including inside Spintires folder, try this ; Right click on the
desktop shortcuts creating after mod installed, properties, Change
icon tab, navigate to the folder of the game
(Steam/SteamApps/Common/Spintires) and select Game.ico, apply and
enjoy the new one. 

3- If you have some problems, do a ClearCache.bat on the folder of


Run uninstall.exe and redownload the game through steam.


I am the author of this HD mod and I have several files on my computer
to prove it, so please don't rip my files without credit. Is allowed to take my files to transfer them to Mudrunner our make a custom map
and share it to the community, but again, don't forget credit, thank

SpintiresRealism HD 3.0 – DevilBass [EQC] (Montreal/Quebec/Canada)


Spintires Realism HD v 3.0, 1 photo

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uploaded by devilbass
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