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on Hyundai Veloster N
4 months ago
@Il_Gabry youre 12 years old
lord have mercy
the stretched uvs and meshs.. barely any glowmaps.. metallic leather.. the steering wheel ripped from an f150 with a mustang badge slapped on it.. the worst boot area mesh ive ever seen.. lord i pray your payed mods arent like this
on Honda Civic FK8 Fix
4 weeks ago

beat you to it

on Volvo XC90
3 months ago
not even trolling 👍
on Volvo XC90
3 months ago
the creator clearly isnt trolling you, hes improving with every mod they're making and are trying their best
on Nissan Qashkai
6 months ago
how to enjoy this mod
BASED also have you not even seen the thumbnail image