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on Slow Bee Pack FS17
5 years ago
Would be nice if there was some sort of description of what this mod does????
Tried it, cannot be used to make pallets.
As someone else stated, need to get rid of that BS hosting site. I am not downloading from there.
on Crazy cutter 100 M
2 years ago
Interesting to say the least I guess? To expand the header, hold the left mouse button then move mouse up or down. Does not seem to work when at the end of row and turning around if using a worker, will say 'Worker completed the task' even thought there is a lot more field to cut.
on Canadian National
6 years ago
I guess I need some detailed instructions on the pallets, bc I cannot figure this shit out!!!! WTH!!!!
on Canadian National
6 years ago
PLEASE provide some direction on how to do the pallets, etc. on this map! This has been the most frustrating map I have dealt with bc there is ZERO instruction for newish players.
Not sure why, but only will show a 45ft cutter when I purchase. Advice?
This thing needs A LOT of work.
Not sure what is going on, when game starts, I am about 100 feet off the ground. Can' move around or anything. If I try to get in a vehicle, stay off the ground.
Got the crude in, how does one get the diesel out that is produced??