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SawMill Pallet Only Production

Rating: 4/5, based on 8 votes
uploaded 2018-01-29 22:58:20, by RogueAirborne

You ever find yourself thinking "This map needs more Cowbell and Pallets!" Well, I can't help you with the Cowbell, but as for the Pallets...worry no more! This mod of a mod produces 30 Empty Pallets at a time! You will have so many Pallets, you will have a Pallet headache! (Not sure if that is a real thing or not...). Pallets can be sold at Warehouse Point Sell mod. 

Thank you to John Der33 who created the original SawMill Multi Products mod, made my life easier! I just modified it to do pallets only, so all credit goes to him. Original credit to Giants TheSnake/kevink98/Marhu and the others for the objects in the mod


SawMill Pallet Only Production, 1 photo

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uploaded by RogueAirborne
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Comments (9)

2018-01-30 03:32:28 battlecommander
2018-01-30 10:20:06 guest (Guest)
these pallets work on all my factories too!
2018-01-30 12:55:09 thierryc9 (Guest)
guest (Guest) these pallets work on all my factories too! ....NO ....
2018-01-30 13:14:30 Tomm (Guest)
Alles wird von den Producktion die die Paletten brauchen angenommen ,hab keine Probleme damit . doch leider füllen sich die Paletten nicht wieder auf ,ob wohl über all die 2000 steht . Die Producktion springt einfach nicht mehr an ,nach speichern und das Spiel neu Laden sind wieder Paletten vorhanden ,danach fängt das gleiche Problem wieder an . Bitte um Hilfe für das Problem . Aber trotz danke für den super Mod . LG.Tomm
2018-01-30 17:32:58 RogueAirborne
Tomm- That issue was in the original mod, not sure what is causing it. Remove all pallets, save game, and restart and it will start producing pallets again. I am trying to figure out why and will update if and when I do.
2018-01-30 18:45:37 Shep (Guest)
The product output is 4000l but the pallet holds 2000l. If you make the values equal, either 4000l or 2000l, your problem will be solved. cheers
2018-01-30 20:40:22 Tomm (Guest)
Danke für die schnelle Antwort RogueArborne werde es mal probiren ,ist ein super mod ,brauche viele Palette in der map die ich Spiele . Shep danke dir auch für dein tipp und werd es mal probieren zu ändern . Vielen dank an euch beiden . LG. Tomm .
2018-01-30 23:37:58 dude (Guest)
es polos szwabos pierdolos .I.
2018-01-31 00:09:06 RogueAirborne
Tomm- Updated the output and upload v1.1. Still working on constantly producing pallets issue.

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