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The Western Star 6900 Twin Steer was very good, I only ask for one thing, assemble a v2 with the 3 variants of Snorkels, Horn, Light Bars, Giroflex and Exhausts and other things if possible please, I can't play Snowrunner, the pc can't take it, and i already tested it, mass was how i thought it would happen, it would go down a lot, so i'm downloading all the mod trucks converted from snowrunner to mudrunner, and the WS 6900 is on this list, please if it is possible build a v2 with the items above, please. Thanks for listening.
@ryszard You're welcome, your mods are Tops, if you can make more converted snowrunner trucks it would be nice. Thanks for your attention.
Your Paystar was great, but there to be even better, add the standard version of paystar like your western star 6900 Twin steer that has the normal version and the version with the modified wheels, you can roll the same thing with the paystar. OK, thank you friend.