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Porsche Panamera 2010 v2.1 1.33&up

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uploaded 2019-03-14 13:30:17, by mods82

Changes in 2.1
Update for 1.34


Find in Kenworth
Own interior
3 types of engines
7 speed gearbox
Metallic paint

Changes in 2.0
In this new version, some accessories have been added, such as:
Tow hitch (tow bar)
Floor lighting
3 types of muffler
3 types of sound
2 types of ceiling (painted and black)
2 wheels
On-board computer
Improved cornering stability
Some textures and materials have been changed.

Link 1 Car
Link 2 Car(mirror)
Link 3 Car trailer in the ownable for 1.32 and higher

GVModding³D, Gambarotto


Porsche Panamera 2010 v2.1 1.33&up, 1 photoPorsche Panamera 2010 v2.1 1.33&up, 2 photoPorsche Panamera 2010 v2.1 1.33&up, 3 photo
uploaded by mods82
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Comments (5)

2019-03-14 22:37:43 mmtrucker (Guest)
I wonder... this is a truck simulator or car simulator game?
2019-03-15 04:26:39 tasteless (Guest)
Yep totally agree mmtrucker it's gettin ridiculous. Maybe we should call it American Car/Truck Sim now??
2019-03-27 16:15:11 swati (Guest)
The only passenger car I used in game. After 1.34 update without sound :(
2019-04-08 12:06:53 BMVdS (Guest)
mmtrucker and tasteless do you know what's the worst part of this? Is that none of these car mods really work well. None. Absolutely all of them have problems. The only thing you can do is try to figure out what's the least worse.
2019-04-08 12:23:06 BMVdS (Guest)
What's the problem with the fucking gears of this shit? It stays in 2nd gear and won't pass the 35 mph.

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