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CanaDream 2.8.12 (1.35.x)

Rating: 3/5, based on 2 votes
uploaded 2019-07-10 09:31:26, by mods82

New Version Canadream 2.8.12:

Changes 2.8.12:
Fix blocker left in map on exit ramp for I-15 North on I-90 in Butte, MT going to Canada. Also Removed other blockers at that exit area.

Coast to Coast map 2.8.1 minimum is REQUIRED for playing or game crash


1-CanaDream 2.8.12
2-Coast to Coast 2.8.1

compatible ATS 1.35
compatible C2C 2.8.1
add .sui system files for more compatibility with other mods

ManiaX, Update Long Haul Gamer


CanaDream 2.8.12 (1.35.x), 1 photoCanaDream 2.8.12 (1.35.x), 2 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (4)

2019-07-10 11:27:36 Amatist (Guest)
An update to fix just that??? are you serious? with alll the things you have to fix in this mod, and you release only an update in the entire month, only fixing this???? o.O lets hope canadreams promods is released soon, because guys, its embarrasing.
2019-07-10 21:14:59 Amatits (Guest)
You itchy ?
2019-07-18 03:46:22 luca (Guest)
In version 1.35 this mod does not work well the connection between some cities the truck suddenly falls or is this map's connection with original does not make connection does not work well.
2019-07-19 20:37:30 Vernon (Guest)
can you put, the pas, Flin Flon, and Thompson in your coast to coast map for Manitoba canada.

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